The Governing Body is responsible for the strategic direction of the College.

The Principal is responsible for the day to day management of the College.

In order to set the strategic direction of the College, Governors work closely with the Principal, staff and other members of the College community to determine the policies and ethos of the College.

Governors also act as the ‘critical friend’.

The Governing Body has responsibility in the following areas:

  • Standards
  • Curriculum
  • Staffing
  • Finance
  • Equalities
  • Premises; and
  • Reports.

HM Government believes that a good a Governing Body ensures that it covers the following areas:

  • setting the strategic direction
  • defining key roles and responsibilities
  • setting the values and culture
  • ensuring processes and controls are in place
  • developing leadership
  • ensuring accountability

At the College, each Governor is a member of one of the Governing Body’s two committees:

  • Finance & Resources
  • Education

All Governors (other than Staff Governors) are also assigned one or more specific responsibilities most of which are as Link Governors for curriculum teams or other teams, such as catering and premises or for other areas of the work of the College such as equality/diversity or child protection.

Link Governors make regular visits to the College and are provided with the relevant documents in order to make themselves familiar with the work of the teams to which they are linked.   This is designed to ensure that the Governing Body is well informed about the work of the college and all aspects of its management and curriculum/service delivery.   Through the Link Governors system, there is at least one Governor who is not a member of staff with knowledge of every important aspect of the work of the College.

Getting to know the College, as a Governor, requires time.   Each meeting of the Full Board lasts up to 2½ hours; each meeting of a Committee lasts up to 1½ hours.   A visit to a Curriculum Team or Subject Leader’s meeting usually lasts an hour.   There may be other occasions for visits during the College day but you will also be invited to many of the “Social” events such as the Autumn Term Musical Evening and Christmas Concert; the Spring Term events which, in 2013, included the staging of the musical “Fame”; the Summer Term Arts Evening and Presentation Evenings; and public events at the College’s Farm.

Whilst the role is unpaid, certain expenses (eg Childcare) may be claimed.   Training on an individual or group basis may be organised during the school year.


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