Who are the Governors?

Sid Gibson – Chair of Governors

Sid Gibson


Mark Swallow – Parent Governor

Mark Swallow



Paul Rushforth

Paul Rushforth


Kevin Francis – Legacy and Parent Governor
Kevin Francis






Martina Forster – Parent Governor

Martina Forster








Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson


Geoffrey Dibble- Retired Teacher

Zoe Stucki – Headteacher

Deborah Shelley-Business Owner

Rebecca Yates- Teacher



Register of Business Interests

The Code of Conduct for Board Members of Public Bodies issued by the Cabinet Office in June 2011 requires the holding of a register of Business Interests. The Register for College Governors is held by the Secretary to the Governors and can be inspected on appointment. Please click here to contact the Secretary to the Governors.  Please click here to view the current BCA Governance and Business Interests Register.


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