Uniform Rules

Our College Uniform provider is Sportswear International Ltd. Uniform items can be ordered directly online through their website – www.swi.co.uk, telephoning them on 0845 519 0099, or by post using the order form – enclosed with your Welcome Pack or available from the College. Payment will be required when you place your order.


Please read and check the details about the college uniform. We expect all students to be in correct uniform at all times. However, we do want to work with you to correct any uniform misunderstanding that may have occurred as a result of the policy not previously being enforced.


  • Skirt: Black and tailored. Skirts must not be skin tight or made of stretchy or Lycra material. Skirts should be no more than two inches above the knee.
  • Trousers: Must be black and tailored with a seam at the front and back, straight cut and plain black with no logos, etc – must not be tight or skinny versions or denim.
  • Blazer: Black with college logo.
  • Shirt or Blouse: White formal, collared shirt or blouse. Short or long sleeved can be worn. No visible T-shirt should be worn underneath.
  • Tie: Clip on College Tie.
  • Jumper or Cardigan: Grey V-Neck Jumper or cardigan as provided through our uniform supplier – No other sweatshirts or pullovers should be worn.
  • Shoes: Smart, plain, black shoes in black leather or alternative man-made fabric – not canvas. Vans, Converse and any other trainer of this nature are not allowed. Socks/Tights should be black and worn under trousers.
  • Coat/Jacket: Plain, appropriate for weather conditions and dark nights; warm and water resistant, not denim, leather, hooded sports tops or fashion jackets.
  • Make-up/Nail Varnish: Make-up is inappropriate for college. If worn at all it must be very discreet, if it is noticeable, it is not discreet! Nail varnish and coloured gel nails are not allowed, however we will accept the natural white tip French manicure style of gel nails with no added colours or studs.
  • Hair: Only ‘natural’ hair colour is permitted – extreme haircuts, colours and styles are not acceptable. No patterns or lines should be cut or dyed into hair.
  • Jewellery: Students may wear;
  • No more than two studs, gold or silver, in each ear which should be no bigger than a 5 pence piece
    1. A wrist watch
    2. Other items of jewellery such as necklaces, rings, studs (including face and tongue piercings), bracelets, wrist bands, or similar jewellery must not be worn.
    3. The only exceptions are medical bracelets and necklaces.


To view and purchase the College uniform and sports kit please click here.



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