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Achieving Excellence Together



We are a proud, unique and ambitious college that holds teaching and learning at the heart of all that it does. Our vision is to be a College recognised for its academic ambition, distinctive identity and outstanding provision. Located within the coastal community of Minehead, West Somerset College sits on the edge of magnificent Exmoor and the Quantock hills. Our surroundings are truly breathtaking and we make a point of celebrating this with our students by emphasising the historical and scientific importance of West Somerset. Our local community and parents/carers are strongly invested in our future and support us to be the very best we can be. West Somerset College’s success is the result of strong partnerships between the college, students, parents/carers and community.


Our students feel safe and well supported because we understand the challenges and opportunities that our beautiful and rural environment presents for our students and families. We work very hard to link with other schools, universities, businesses and industries near and far to ensure that our students have the chance to experience and understand what great possibilities their futures hold within and beyond West Somerset.


At West Somerset College we foster positive and aspirational attitudes to learning and behaviour. We always welcome dialogue with parents/carers and the local community and together we set and uphold the highest expectations that every member of the college works hard, is respectful, values diversity and is always kind to one another.


We are proud of our college, students and our community of West Somerset!