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Respect, Achievement, Determination, Ambition, Community


At West Somerset College we deliver for our students the knowledge, skills and opportunity to realise success. We foster an ethic of excellence, encouraging our students to do their best at all times.

At West Somerset College we recognise the importance of placing knowledge at the centre of our curriculum. Our students use knowledge wisely, allowing them to go forward into the world making significant contributions and enriching our community.


At West Somerset College we promote respect and we are always respectful of others’ opinions and beliefs. We nurture ambition and encourage our students to take pride in the contributions they make.


At West Somerset College we encompass inclusivity. We celebrate and learn from the best of human achievement and we encourage our students to understand that they are the history yet to be written.


At West Somerset College we recognise the wonder and importance of learning. We also recognise that learning is challenging and that success requires the determination to succeed and the willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.