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Bad Weather Arrangements

Although we enjoy mild conditions generally in this part of the country, the possibility of bad weather disrupting transport of students to College or making conditions unsafe on the College site always remains.  Many of our students travel to College by bus, many from the more exposed parts of West Somerset, and many students use their bicycles.


Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our students.  At the same time parents can be assured that the College will be open unless the weather conditions mean that this would be unsafe or impractical.  In the case of severe weather a message will be placed on the College website as soon as possible, usually between 7.00am and 7.30am.  Local radio stations will also be informed and a message will be put on Facebook.


A    Students travelling to College by bus

  • It is the bus contractors who will decide whether conditions are safe enough to collect the children.  In making their decision they will make use of their considerable local knowledge, together with information from the Police and Local Authority Highways Department.
  • Parents and students should tune in to local radio stations for up-to-date information about any changes in transport arrangements.
  • Should there be any doubt in your mind as to whether your child’s bus will run, the information will be available from the relevant bus company.
  • If the bus is to run, students should make their way to the usual pick-up points.


B    Deteriorating conditions during the College day

  • We have a well-practised plan for when weather deteriorates during the College day.
  • We keep in close touch with the bus contractors located in the higher, more exposed areas, with local Police and with the telephone weather service.
  • If road conditions threaten to become unsafe, buses from those areas will come into College immediately.
  • Students will be summoned from their classes to return home early in these circumstances.
  • Students from areas where conditions are not unsafe will remain in College as normal.


C    Students not travelling by bus

  • The College policy is to open unless it is impossible to gain access.  Students are expected to make their way in to College unless parents consider it is unsafe to do so.

In the event of prolonged disruption by the weather, we will ensure that education continues for those who come to College.