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Uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps allow students to feel pride in their school. It also ensures students are not put under any pressure because of the type of clothes they wear and all are treated equally.  It also helps prepare students for life after school where many will have to dress smartly for work.


We expect all students to be in correct uniform at all times. We also want to support you in buying affordable, good quality clothing for school which your children accept they have to wear because the rules are very clear. We want to make it easier for parents and help reduce any issues there may be over what is and isn’t acceptable uniform.   If you want to buy uniform from another store or online, that is acceptable, but it must match the uniform on the guidance below exactly, making the process of getting the right uniform even easier.


Uniform guidance:


    • Skirt – grey, knee length and box pleated skirt.
    • Trousers – must be grey and tailored, straight cut and plain grey. Logos and denim are not acceptable. Trousers must not be tight or skinny.
    • Shorts- grey and tailored, knee length or just above the knee, straight cut and plain grey. Logos and denim are not acceptable.
    • Blazer – WSC Blazer for years 9, 10 and 11.
    • Shirt or Blouse – White formal collared shirt or blouse – short or long sleeved. No visible T shirt to be worn underneath.
    • Tie – Clip on college tie.
    • WSC Slipover/Jumper – Grey V-neck slipover as provided through our uniform supplier JNo other sweatshirts, pullovers or hoodies are acceptable.
    • Shoes (not trainers)– Smart, plain black shoes, that can be polished, in black leather or alternative man-made materials but not canvas. Vans, Converse, Nike, Adidas or any other trainer brand of this nature are not acceptable. Shoes must be polishable. Socks must be black or white. Tights must be black only.
    • Coat/Jacket – Plain and appropriate for weather conditions and dark evenings. Warm and water resistant. Hoodies may not be worn during the college day at all.


Suppliers of non-branded acceptable uniform (shoes, shirts, trousers and skirts):

    • Marks & Spencer – Sell appropriate shoes, shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls.
    • Next – Sell appropriate shoes, shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls
    • Debenhams – Sell appropriate shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls
    • Tesco – Sell appropriate shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls
    • Asda – Sell appropriate shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls
    • John Lewis – Sell appropriate shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls
    • Matalan – Sell appropriate shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls
    • Taunton Uniforms – Sell appropriate shirts, trousers and skirts for boys and girls
    • Clarks – Sell appropriate shoes for boys and girls
    • Shoe Zone – Sell appropriate shoes for boys and girls
    • Jones – Sell appropriate shoes for boys and girls


Make up & Hair


  • All nail varnish that is not clear and make up that is not wholly discreet will need to be removed.
  • False/Acrylic nails may not be worn in college.
  • Only natural hair colour is permitted-extreme haircuts, colours and styles are not acceptable. No patterns or lines should be cut or dyed into hair.



  • No more than two small studs, gold or silver, in each ear. Students will not be allowed in to lessons if they have any other piercings.
  • A wrist watch.
  • Other items of jewellery such as necklaces, rings, studs (including face and tongue piercings or ear stretchers), bracelets, wrist bands, or similar jewellery must not be worn. The only exceptions are medical bracelets and necklaces.


Sports/Physical Education Kit


Boys’ compulsory PE Kit*: WSC black shorts, WSC black fleece,  WSC rugby shirt, WSC black fleece WSC polo shirt, WSC socks.


Girls’ compulsory PE Kit*:  WSC black shorts or skort, WSC black fleece, WSC polo shirt, WSC socks.


Other compulsory items for boys and girls are: Trainers, shin-pads, gum-shield.


(*All items must be the correct West Somerset College PE kit displaying the college logo.)

 Other non-compulsory items for Boys and Girls: Tracksuit top,  jogging bottoms, studded footwear (for winter outside sports), towel, sports bag. Base layers can be worn but must be white, black or purple. In cold weather a plain black hat and gloves can be worn for warm ups.


IMPORTANT: Please label your uniform, PE kit and personal items with your full name in permanent ink so that we can identify any lost property and return it to you promptly. It is also useful to have your child's name on their PE bag.


The following policy must be adhered to in all physical education lessons and extra-curricular activities.


PE Kit Protocols

Students must always be wearing the college’s physical education kit for PE lessons and extra-curricular activities.


Where kit has been forgotten students will be expected to wear the spare kit provided and will be sanctioned appropriately.


No physical education kit is to be worn in classroom lessons unless special authorisation has been given by a member of physical education staff. Furthermore, no jewellery of an kind can be worn in physical education lessons.