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A Level Business



Course Leader: Mr Craig Williams

Head if Business Department: Mr Craig Williams


What's it all about?

Are you...

  • Wanting to study for a business degree at University?
  • Wanting to be a manager?
  • Interested in buying shares?
  • Wanting to set up your own business?
  • An avid watcher of Dragon's Den or The Apprentice and think you can do better?
  • An independent thinker with lots of ideas and opinions?
  • A problem solver?
  • Wanting to add value to your other A Levels?
  • Thinking of a career in Business?

If so, A Level Business is for you.


What are the requirements?

5 GCSEs at Grades 9-4, including English and Maths. whilst the prior study of GCSE Business is beneficial, it is not essential.


What will I learn on this course?

You will study a wide range of topics, including: enterprise, human resources, environmental factors, marketing, accounting and finance, production, ethics, international trade, the digital law, economics and change management.


The ten units you study over the two years are:

  1. What is Business?
  2. managers, Leadership and decision making;
  3. Decision making to improve marketing performance;
  4. Decision making to improve operational performance;
  5. Decision making to improve financial performance;
  6. Decision making to improve human resource performance;
  7. Analysing the strategic position of a business;
  8. Choosing strategic direction;
  9. Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies;
  10. Managing strategic change


What are the benefits?

  • Emphasis throughout the entire course is on problem solving and decision-making. You will learn how to use a wide range of contemporary business tools and models and apply them to today's businesses.
  • An interesting and challenging learning experience which includes debates, lively discussions, the use of internet and social media. The opportunity to put your ideas, opinions, independence of thought and initiative to practical use.
  • The development of transferrable skills which are relevant to the world we live in -problem solving, creative thinking, research, evaluation, communication, personal development and decision making.
  • Opens a range of possibilities in the world of work, enterprise, further and higher education.
  • A valuable and well respected entrance qualification to University.


Where can Business A Level take me?

  • A Level Business is an excellent base for a University degree, especially a degree in business, management, human resources, accountancy, law, finance, philosophy and economics, sociology and psychology. Careers with a business degree are diverse and have high earning potential.
  • A range of career possibilities including banking, insurance, advertising, distribution, sales, accounting, law, education, central or local government and business consultancy. Business skills, which touch on every part of our modern society are in high demand worldwide and are often well paid.
  • Entrepreneurship and the benefits of running your own business.   


How will I be assessed?

3 two hour papers, that rely on the knowledge of the whole specification. These are taken at the end of the second year.


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