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Contact with employers is a central part of our careers provision. Research has shown a significant link between young people’s experience of the world of work whilst at school and the chances of them becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) as young adults. Those young people who have a minimum of four or more employer contacts are five times less likely to be NEET.


It is essential that young people get a chance to meet a range of people, doing a range of jobs. It helps them to explore different career ideas, learn about labour market information and link their aspirations with the actual job market.

Based in West Somerset, our students can face challenges owing to the lack of big employers in our region. It is therefore even more important for us to raise their awareness of local opportunities and employers in this area.

 If you are an employer or professional who felt able to assist us with our careers programme we would love to hear from you. Your input can range from 1:1 and small group support to whole-year group events - whatever you felt able to offer. Your time and knowledge is key to giving our pupils a practical insight into jobs, further and higher education and training.


Some examples of employer events we have held here in the last year include:


  • Mock interview days – 20 employers interviewing year 10 pupils on a 1-1 basis
  • Girls in STEM day – activity day introducing our female pupils to opportunities in construction
  • Employers running challenges/interactive activity/skills sessions with groups of students
  • Employer assemblies to whole year groups
  • Employers involved in subject curriculums through running a workshop as part of a lesson


If you have been involved in running an event at another school which worked well – we’d love to hear about it!

Please contact Kate Watkins, Careers Adviser, if you would like to be part of raising our pupil’s aspirations:

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