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Without doubt, the short time a student spends in sixth form will probably be the most challenging time in their education. The courses they study, the demands they face and the adjustments they must make will bring with them great opportunities.


We are always delighted at the proportion of our students that choose to continue their study at West Somerset College Post 16. We believe that our success is directly linked to the aspirations of our students and the commitment of our staff to help them achieve their goals. The staff and the students pride themselves on the quality of teaching and learning at Post 16 and our consistently excellent and improving results validate this.


We have a team of very skilled mentors who will support students during their stay. They will guide and support students in terms of academic performance and will encourage them to take part in enrichment activities that will help them to develop wider skills, which are very important for progression to employment or HE. The College is a safe and secure environment in which to practice and hone these attributes. There will be a range of opportunities for students to participate in and we actively encourage all students to make a strong contribution to Post 16 and wider college community.

West Somerset College Sixth Form

West Somerset Sixth Form

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