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What is racism?

Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioural traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity.


What is racial bullying?

  • Racial bullying is a type of racism where someone’s bullying focuses on your race, ethnicity or culture. Racism and racial bullying are wrong and you can get help to make it stop.
  • Racism and racist bullying can include:
  • being called racist names or being sent insulting messages or threats
  • having your belongings damaged or having to see racist graffiti
  • personal attacks, including violence or assault
  • being left out, treated differently or excluded
  • people making assumptions about you because of your colour, race or culture
  • being made to feel like you have to change how you look
  • racist jokes, including jokes about your colour, nationality race or culture.


How can racial bullying affect young people?

Racism can affect anyone. It can make you feel like you’re not important or don’t fit in. You might feel upset, depressed or angry. You can be affected by it even when it’s not aimed at you, like if you hear someone discriminating against someone’s culture


WSC’s response to racism, racist remarks or language

Racism, racist remarks or language will always be deemed unacceptable and challenged when reported. If it occurs, we will:

  • Ensure that the incident is investigated thoroughly and recorded as per our peer on peer abuse and anti bullying processes
  • Ensure that students know that racist language will not be tolerated
  • Educate users of racist language around its effects and why it is unacceptable
  • Impose sanctions on the perpetrator where appropriate
  • Inform parents of the incident and ask that they support WSC’s actions with their child at home
  • Somerset County Council will be informed of any incident deemed to be a racist incident